It’s that time of the year…festival season! Coachella 2018 might be over but Glorlylox still hasn’t gotten over it. As excited as you are to experiment new hairstyles this season. We have come up with highlights of the festival hairstyles which are suitable for everyone. Yes, we’re ready to give you the best Festival Hair Tips and Inspiration


Flower crowns

Have always rules the festival circuit. Thankfully we’ve come a long way from plopping flowers. Since then festival hair has become creative and playful. It’s the bold festival look which can never go wrong with a touch of flitter here and there.



Aren’t they the best solution to cover greasy locks?

There are different kinds of braids from beautiful boho beauty braids to double clutch braids. And this is where you can win with festival hair. Just make sure to use some dry shampoo and hairspray to make it last longer.



Everyone is drooling over pastel shades. Why not experiment it this season? Normal hair colours have become so mainstream. If you want to stand out of the crowd try pastel shades on your hair with minimal makeup, or better yet on your lace wig!

festival 1.png

How to take care of your hair in winter months.

Winter can be tough on your hair. The coldness, especially if it’s been snowing or when it’s windy can take its toll on the condition of your hair. There are, however, different tips you can try to help combat bad condition with your hair through the colder months. Not all these tips can work on all kinds of hair styles but, we have put together a list of things you can try to keep your hair in the best condition.

-       PROTECT YOUR HAIR. This tip probably goes without saying, but it’s surprising how many people do not do this. Whether it’s raining or snowing, always use an umbrella or a hat to shield your hair. If it’s windy, do the same. If your hair is long enough, maybe even tie it into a ponytail. This will help keep your hair from flying around. The more protection from the weather, the more your hair will love you.

 -       TREAT YOUR HAIR. It is advised during the colder months to apply a deep conditioning mask to your hair once a week, especially if you are out and about a lot in the winter. This will help bring back the strength in your hair and replenish it, something that the winter weather doesn’t help your hair do.

-       REGULAR HAIR TRIMS. Going to the salon and getting your hair trimmed regular will keep the dead ends and breakages away. As the saying goes, the more your hair is trimmed, the stronger your hair gets and faster it grows.

We hope you enjoyed those top three tips on how to keep your hair to minimal damage in the colder weather. Be sure to check back to the blog when the summer is coming to find out ways to keep your hair in check, when the weather gets warmer.

Until next time,

Have a great week xx




hair pull.jpg

Going to the hairdressers with Trichotillomania!

If you have Trichotillomania going to the hairdressers can be one of the most anxious and upsetting experiences. You’re probably used to hair dressers questioning about how this bald patch appeared, why is your hair snapped off to certain lengths around your head and why on earth do you have so many split ends. Although usually you can say to someone to mind their own business, it’s incredibly difficult to tell a hairdresser that. After all, it is their job to help you care for your hair in the best ways possible.

As someone who suffers from Trichotillomania myself, I thought I’d put out my top tips for when you go to the hairdressers. I personally find it terrifying going, but after I’ve done these top tips and left the place, I feel a whole lot better and most of all… PROUD!


-       Let your hairdresser know first and foremost. When I sit down in the chair it is the first thing I mention to them. Sadly, not many hairdressers know what Trichotillomania is, so it’s the perfect time to educate them. This also means they should be more sensitive to the questions they ask you re: your hair.

-       If you feel like you can’t do the above, get in contact with the salon before. Give them a quick call or if they have an email, do either to let them know. Although hairdressers should be more sensitive towards trichotillomania, they probably don’t know it exists.

-       Tell them as much as you feel comfortable about trichotillomania. What you tell them, could possibly be passed on to other employees around the work place, that can make someone who doesn’t know they have Trichotillomania have an easier hairdressing experience.

-       I always personally leave my hair and don’t wash it for a few days before. So when I get there, I ask for a wash and the hairdresser puts on all the treatments they think would benefit my hair. I always leave with swishy swashy hair.

-       BREAK THE STIGMA. SHOUT IT OUT. Let’s raise awareness for Trichotillomania.

If you have trichotillomania and are planning to head out soon to get your hair done, please try these top tips. If you do, please let us know.

You can TOTALLY do it!

Until next time,

Have a great week xx


Going to the hairdressers with Trichotillomania .png

Trichotillomania – Top tips and trichs.

For this week’s post, we’re going to discuss about the mental health condition Trichotillomania. What it is and what tips and tricks we have, that can potentially help you.


Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder that effects the hair. The most common place where people pull from is hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. No matter how hard you want to stop, you can’t. Sometimes, trichotillomania can go through stages where the pulling isn’t as excessive as other times, say if you were in a stressful situation, bored or just a particularly bad time.


However, there are ways in which you can try and help the pulling get under control. Although, we know it may not always be that easy. Here are our top tips and trichs (we love a good play on words!) to try and help you get by:


-        Coconut oil/Argon oil can be your friend. If you bathe your hair in oils, not only will it help replenish your hair and give your hair a conditioning treatment, it makes the hair slippery. This means that your fingers will more than likely slip, instead of giving you the grip you can get if your hair is dry.

-       Acrylic nails. OK, if you’re a guy, this may not be as practical, but acrylics help massively. The size/width of your natural nail compared to your acrylic nail is noticeable. With a natural nail, it is 10 times easier to pull your hair into a split end, compared to if your nail is thick. Also, what a great way to treat yourself every month.

-       Hair armour. Hair armour can be a scarf, a hat, a headband, anything you put around your head to shield you from Trichotillomania. There are numerous ways in which you can style a headscarf with/or without tying it directly around your head. Shielding your hair away from your fingers gives it a greater chance that your fingers can’t pull your hair.

-       Washing your hair. Like putting oils on your hair, if your hair is wet it’s harder to pull. We appreciate that if you’re in public and out, this may not be an option, but if you’re having a bad time whilst at home, this can relieve Trichotillomania for a little while.


We hope that these tips and tricks can help you or a friend/person you know who has Trichotillomania. The main thing to take away from having a condition of Trichotillomania is, although the person pulling their hair may be annoying you… they can’t just stop.


We will be covering more Trichotillomania subjects in the future.


Hope you all have a fab week x

How to style my wig!

Top three hair styles whilst wearing a wig

 Today on our blog we will be discussing the top hair styles whilst wearing a wig. When you’re wearing a wig, you may not know how to style it. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want it to look wiggy!  Sometimes it’s a struggle to achieve the messy bun look depending on the type of hair that your wig is made from. Some synthetic hair wigs are really good, allowing movement to flow quite freely, and so achieving different looks wont be so much of a struggle, whilst most are restrictive of heat appliances, leaving you limited with options on how to style it.

Glorylox have put together a few different hairstyles you can try, from our photoshoots before if you are currently lacking inspiration.

If you try any of these hair styles out, then please do let us know and tag us in your photos. We would love to see!



Beachy waves

 Why not take the must have summer hairstyle of beachy waves through to winter. This look is so classy and will take you from day to night. If you have a synthetic wig you may be able to achieve this with Hair rods also known as bendy rollers, but if you have human hair wigs you should be able to achieve this with a wond or hair curlers.


Half up half down bun

We are loving this fun, casual look, with a half up half down bun style. This would be the perfect hair style if you wanted to pull you hair up off your face for the gym or every day errands. Be careful with back combing synthetic hair as it may not come back to its original state, if anything, try to use a bun, these can be purchased in places like H and M or Superdrugs. If your wig is made from human hair, you should be able to treat it as you would have your on hair, this means you can back comb as well as use the bun. The main thing when putting your hair up, is making sure the edge lie flat and are not lifting, so try to keep some hair loose to cover the edges.

half up.jpg

Sleek and straight

There is nothing wrong with having straight and sleek hair. Perfect for an everyday casual look. You could add a little plat down one side for an extra sassy look. 


Wigs are available to purchase from our shop on our website and if you have any questions about what wig to buy if you are stuck, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re looking forward to seeing your looks,

Until next time, have a great week!





How to detect Breast Cancer

As it is breast cancer awareness month, we at Glorylox will be bringing you information about breast cancer as well as personal stories. This blogpost will bring you information on how to detect breast cancer.

According to Breast Cancer Care (BCC) they state that there is many different ways you can spot the signs and symptoms of having breast cancer.

Here is a list that BCC have put together of things you can look out for:

-       A change in the size or shape of your breast

-       A lump or area that feels thicker than the rest of your breast, also if you notice a change in the skin texture. For example if there is any puckering or dimpling and your skin resembles the skin of an orange.

-       There is redness or a rash on the skin or around the/on the nipple.

-       If your nipple has changed in looks and has become pulled in. An example of this if it’s changed position or shape.

-       Liquid is leaking from the nipple without any kind of squeezing.

-       Any swelling in your armpit or around your collarbone.


BCC, states that many symptoms listed above, of breast cancer, especially breast pain or a lump may be because of normal breast changes. However, it is so important to get checked out by your GP if you notice any changes at all. 


If you are worried about yourself, or someone you know’s breast health or breast cancer BCC has a free number which you can call on 0808 800 6000.

Information provided above taken from: https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/information-support/have-i-got-breast-cancer/signs-symptoms-breast-cancer

Infographic - www.breastcancercare.org.uk


Dear cancer, Love Dawn....


For breast cancer awareness month, we asked an incredibly inspiring lady to share her experiences with having breast cancer with us. Here, she has written a letter to cancer itself.


Dear cancer,

It's been a 7 long years since you set up residence in my body without permission, not only stealing my life but wreaking havoc in as many ways possible. 7 years of forcing me to accommodate you and your idiosyncrasies, from your love of inflicting pain to your unrelenting desire to teach me how to find humour in the darkest of situations. We've begrudgingly shared our space together amidst a chaos understood only by those who've been unfortunate enough to have a squatter like yourself. During this time, I've careered between denial, acceptance, despair, fear and hysterics and back again - never finding my equilibrium and never quite coming to terms with each emotion before moving on to the next.


"So, why write this letter to me now, after all this time?" you ask, confusingly rubbing your bald little head that you're determined we should all be sporting. Why indeed. Because 'that' time of year has come back around, the time when the world turns pink. It's October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or Pinktober as some like to call it, and now seems as good a time as any. Besides, it's time I told you exactly what I think of not just you and everything that comes with you, but also this baffling phenomenon of using the colour pink to raise awareness of your presence that is somehow become so firmly associated with those of your persuasion.


Let's face it, pink is a pretty colour. Little girls adore it and want to live their lives dressed head to toe in every shade of pink imaginable. Pink occurs in the natural world all around us from stunning sunsets to the cheeks of newborn babies as they breathe their first breath of life. It's a gentle, nurturing, life affirming colour.


 And then there's you. Ugly and abhorrent, casting fear into the faces of all who come into contact with you or hear your name. You hide sneakily in the tiniest crevices of our beings waiting for the opportunity to go on the attack and shatter the lives of millions of women (and men). But you don't stop there, do you? Not content with stealing our self esteem by taking our health, hair and body parts you dig deep. Families are torn apart by the sheer unrelenting strain of dealing not just with you, but the fallout from having you in their lives for however long you choose to impose. You're a financial disaster, draining monetary resources in ways we never would have imagined before being touched by your evil.


Back to why pink? There's not a single nod to sweetness that could possibly be associated with you and your kind. Why are key rings emblazoned with pink ribbons being produced around the world in an effort to remind us of you? What possible use is this in extinguishing your nasty little reign? Workplaces are holding 'Pink days' during October where the staff take the opportunity, whether for the cause or not, to escape their uniforms for a day and dress head to toe in so much bloody pink you would be forgiven for thinking you've stepped inside a giant meringue when popping out to buy a loaf of bread in the local supermarket. Social Media sites are full of inspirational pink themed messages and teddy bears on motorbikes making their way 'across the world' to see how far they, waving their pink ribboned banners can be spread. I bet you're cackling away in the background at our society's  attempts to eradicate you, aren't you? I can picture you now - a clump of pure bog eyed ugliness hissing in delight that however much pinkness we can dream up, you ain't planning on giving up your quest to destroy anytime soon.


Well guess what cancer? I know you. I know you're beyond being afraid of a colour favoured by 3 year old little girls, but what YOU don't know is that I'm not taken in by it. I know that filling the shops with expensively marked up limited edition pink products in aid of breast cancer isn't going to do very much more than line the pockets of the CEOs of the companies who are fooling us into thinking they're donating huge wads of cash to the cause. And as a stage 4 breast cancer patient with metastases to the spine I can categorically state that I'm more than aware of you and what you're capable of, thank you very much. I personally believe that pretty much the entire Western World are very much aware of you. I don't buy pink products in October anymore, even though pink has been my favourite colour probably from the age of 2. I won't give you the satisfaction of believing I've been duped by it all. I will however, do whatever and give whatever I can to support research for a cure. A cure for ALL cancers.


 And that, you evil, corrupt dollop of viciousness is why I have written you this letter. To ensure you beyond any doubt that you're aware that me, and people like me are on to you. One day - you will be beaten.


 Love, Dawn.”


You can find Dawn’s fabulous blog about going through cancer(Lenny), with her beloved cat Lola here: http://carryoncancerivegotmycat.blogspot.co.uk/

Make sure you check it out.

breast cancer awareness .jpeg

Breast Cancer Awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – What it is.


October has sprung on us already and if you weren’t sure, it’s the start of breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer awareness month is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness for breast cancer. To show support, the worldwide symbol is a pink ribbon. On the breast cancer care website, you are able to buy many items with the pink ribbon on and 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer care. Link: https://shop.breastcancercare.org.uk/





According to breast cancer care, 5,000 people will be diagonosed with breast cancer in October alone. They also state that in reality, someone is diagnosed every 10 minutes. However, more and more people are surviving.


You can spread awareness yourself, by sharing stories of people you know or read personal stories. This will then help you and other people you’re around to understand more. Glorylox plans on sharing survivor stories of breast cancer throughout the month. If you know someone or you have breast cancer and want to share your story, then please do get

in touch. You can also show your support by wearing a pink ribbon.


There is support available via the breast cancer care website, for you or someone you know who has been diagnosed. You can call their free hotline number on 0808 800 6000 as well as emailing breast cancer care nurses through this link: https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk/submission/ask-our-nurses

Another way which you can gain support is through the Breast cancer care app called BECCA. On BECCA you are able to gain information and support if someone you know, or you are diagnosed. The app gives you day-to-day information as well as hints and tips to help you. They use flashcards which gives you all kinds of inspiration and well-being/mindfulness to peer-led advice.


Here at Glorylox, throughout October will be raising as much awareness from information blogs to real-life stories of survivors and those who are effected by a loved one being diagnosed.


Together we will raise awareness!

Alopecia Awareness Month!- Anagen and Telogen Effluvium

In our fourth and final blogpost about the different types of alopecia and hair loss, for alopecia awareness month, will be discussing what anagen and telogen effluvium  alopecia is.

According to Alopecia Online, anagen effluvium is hair loss generally caused by chemicals such as those that are used to treat cancer. Anagen effluvium starts by patchy hair loss but then can progress to total hair loss. However, with anagen effluvium, hair can grow back as soon as you stop having these chemicals. The hair usually grows back after around six months after it has been loss.

Telogen effluvium is a form of hair loss where more than normal hair amount, falls out. Unlike many other forms of hair loss, the growth of the hair usually grows back and recovers. Telogen effluvium is normally temporary. However, telogen effluvium requires no medication to overcome and usually the hair will start to grow back, once the trigger has been removed.

Depending on where you have hair loss caused by anagen effluvium or telogen effluvium, Glorylox has the hair piece for you.

One way is by using a half wig piece for the top of your head. A half wig clips around the surrounding areas of your hair and adds volume to where there may be thinning at the crown of your head. A half wig is an alternative option to wearing a wig and only focuses on the top of your head.

Half wig

half wig.png

Another way is by using a hair piece called a topper. A topper is very similar to a crown piece in which it covers the top of your scalp. The topper is clipped around the crown of your head and has the same middle parting in the middle of your scalp. The topper is not as big as the crown piece, but still acts as the same piece.

Topper hair piece.



If you or anyone you know has anagen and telogen effluvium and are looking for support or the tools to help you with the condition, please get in touch with us at Glorylox and we’d be more than happy to talk to you about the options.

Have a lovely week xxx


In our third blogpost for alopecia awareness month, we will be discussing what traction alopecia is. Traction alopecia is usually due to excessive hair pulling or tension to the hair follicles, caused by certain hairstyles. The hair styles that can cause this, for example are braids, a tight ponytail and/or bun. Chemicals or heat being used for prolonged periods of time can be the cause of traction alopecia.

Unlike many other forms of alopecia, traction alopecia can be reversed and your hair can grow back if you stop pulling your hair back. However, if the hair is continued to be pulled, traction alopecia can stop new hair follicles developing and this can lead to permanent hair loss.

According to healthline.com, the symptoms of traction alopecia are:

-       Redness on your scalp

-       Bumps

-       Soreness and/or a stinging sensation on your scalp

-       Itching and scaling

-       Folliculitis which is the inflammation of the hair follicles

-       Pus-filled blisters on your scalp.

However, the symptoms of traction alopecia are different from other forms of alopecia, by the hair that has been pulled is the hair that is affected.

Glorylox can provide you with different ways to help combat alopecia traction.

One way, is with a frontal hairline which is clipped on if you have suffered from hair loss around the hairline. The frontal hairline is made from European hair, which means it can be dyed to match your hair colour you already have. The frontal hairline can also be altered to match your previous hair line before.

Frontal hairline piece.

tarction 1.png


Another way that Glorylox can help is with a topper. A topper is similar to a crown piece, but only covers the top of your scalp. This can particularly help if your traction alopecia has been caused by a high, tight ponytail and/or bun.  A topper is clipped around the crown of your head and has the same look as a parting in the middle of your head. The topper is not as big as crown piece, but acts in a similar way.

Topper hair piece

tract 2.png

If you or anyone else you know is suffering from traction alopecia, then please get in touch and we will more than happy talk you through the tools to help you through your condition and walk you through your options. Remember, you’re not alone.

Hope you all have a great week xx

Alopecia Awareness Month! - Alopecia Totalis and Universalis!

In our second blogpost for alopecia awareness month, we are discussing what Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis is. For short we call it (AT) and (AU).

Alopecia Totalis is, per alopeciaonline.org, a more advanced form of alopecia areata. Alopecia totalis can result in all hair being loss from the scalp only. There are usually two different types of Alopecia Totalis. One type is where there is a sudden loss of all hair on your scalp and the other can originate and can tie in from Alopecia Areata, where you lose your hair in different patches, however this isn’t all the time.

According to hairlosstalk.com, Alopecia Totalis is a result of an autoimmune disorder which causes your immune system to attack your hair follicles.

Alopecia universalis is where you lose your hair from your scalp and all over your body. Alopecia unversalis is a type of alopecia areata. According to healthline.com, it differs from localized alopecia areata, which is where your hair is loss in patches and alopecia totalis which is the complete loss of your hair on your scalp only.

Alopecia universalis is hair loss from these places and you may experience itching or a burning feeling but not always in these areas:

-       Body hair

-       Eyebrows

-       Scalp hair

-       Eyelashes

-       Pubic hair

Like the other forms of alopecia, alopecia universalis is an autoimmune disease. The body’s immune system mistakes hair follicles as an invader, according to healthline.com. This means that the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles which triggers hair loss.

If you are affected by any of the two conditions above and are looking for a solution to help you restore your confidence, we’d recommend the Glorylox lace wigs. Our lace wigs are secure, realistic in appearance and feel like real hair because they are.

If you would like to hear more about our wigs please contact us at: hello@glorylox.com

If you are suffering from any of the above or would like to find out more please visit http://www.alopeciaonline.org.uk for more info regarding alopecia in general and support groups that you could join.



Alopecia Awareness Month! - Alopecia Areata

#AlopeciaAwarenessMonth Part One – Alopecia Areata.


If you’re not aware, September is alopecia awareness month and we at Glorylox HQ are working on educating you on the condition throughout the month. Alopecia is the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. Even though you may be familiar with the definition you may not be aware of the different types of alopecia that there are.


In our blog series of alopecia, we will be letting you know what different types of alopecia there is and what different products you should consider buying to help you with this.


The first type of alopecia we are going to discuss is alopecia areata (AA). Alopecia areata is, per alopecia online, an autoimmune condition which usually takes place as a small patch often the size of a coin on the scalp area, however in some cases it can cause complete hairloss to the scalp also. Psychological stress related situations can lead to alopecia areata.


To help with alopecia areata on your scalp, there are many ways to help regain hair in the places you have patchy hair loss. For example, Glorylox stocks a fringe cover hair piece if your hairloss is located in the front of your scalp. The fringe piece covers 6.5 inches across the front of your scalp and 3 inches wide into the scalp,  you can get a piece that can replace a full fringe. This hair piece clips around the hair that is around your fringe/top area to give you a natural look. The hair is also European hair so it can be dyed to match your own. Remember that the hair loss can be anywhere on the scalp, and so this particular solution may not be what you need, but stay tuned for next weeks blog, and we will share some other options that might be perfect for you!


If you or anyone you know is suffering from Alopecia areata and are looking for support on what tools to help you with the conditions please get in touch here at Glorylox, and we will personally walk you through your options.


Have a great week xxx


What Wig should I buy?

So it’s your first time buying a wig and you have no idea what one to choose from? Here’s our take on the  2 different types of wigs to help you choose!


Human Hair


Human hair wig are wigs made from real people which have been donated for hairloss purposes. These hairs can be from all over the world. Some of the most popular hair used for human hair wigs are European, Mongolian, Indian, Peruvian and Brazilian Hair.

The biggest advantage of buying a human hair wig is how natural it feels. We all want our wigs to look real, right? Right. Although human hair wigs are far more expensive they are usually the most durable.


Human hair can also be hugely versatile, they can be effortlessly cut and styled to your choice. However, because it is real hair it needs to be carefully maintained, requiring a lot more maintenance than other wigs. Some of the issues with Human hair is it being in stock, European hair for instance is very rare hence why it is expensive and so you may find production of this could take up to 6-8 weeks if its not in stock.


The advantages of human hair

-       Higher quality wig

-       Easy to change your style often

-       Can be dyed, highlighted and straightened.

-       Greater durability

-       More realistic appearance


The disadvantages of human hair


-       Reacts to the climate just like real hair

-       Hair can break if the wig is not properly maintained

-       Expensive

-       Can typically be heavier than other wigs


How much does a human hair wig cost?


Typically a human hair wigs costs around

£300 - £2,500 upwards

Where can I buy this from?

You can buy your own human hair wigs from your very own Glorylox. However there are many other wig companies, alopecia Uk will have a list of these.

Synthetic Hair


The production of synthetic hair has improved vastly, so nowadays you can’t always  tell the difference of a synthetic hair wig and a real one.


One of the most significant advantages of a synthetic hair wig is, it can be worn straight from the box with only minimal styling. The synthetic fibre includes a “memory” component for waves and curls, which enables the hair to bounce back in to place with minimum effort.


However, the durability isn’t as long with synthetic wigs, if properly cared for synthetic wigs last up to 4-6 months on average, if you have a few in kitty.


The advantages of synthetic hair


-       Less expensive

-       Lighter in weight

-       Colour availability is unlimited

-       Usually on trend


The disadvantages of synthetic hair


-       Must avoid extreme heat

-       Can appear shiny and unnatural (wiggy)

-       Can not be colour treated

-       Low durability


Typically a synthetic hair wig costs around

£30 - £500

Where can I buy this from?

You can buy your synthetic wig from

-       Paks

-       Pure wigs 


If you have anymore questions just contact us at hello@glorylox.com and we will guide you through your wig purchasing experience.


With thanks


Glorylox team x

Can smoking cause Hairloss?

Now, the impact smoking has on hairloss is by far not as bad as the impact it has on general health, however it may contribute to some hairloss.


So how does smoking affect hairloss?


- It decreases circulation to the extremities

- It pollutes the blood, which influences the liver

Cigarette smoke contains millions of chemicals many of which can be toxic; this can affect all areas of the body including hair. The smoke damagingly affects your circulation in general, which means impaired blood flow to your hair follicles.


This disrupts the typical hair growth/loss cycle, which occurs on a daily basis and results in hair thinning and ultimate loss. 

It is also proven that smoking can majorly affect the immune system, this can open your body up to many different diseases and certain illnesses, meaning it could potentially cause damage to the hair or even cause hair loss.

So if that’s not enough to make you stop smoking, what will be? 


What should I do when I discover I'm losing my hair?

Here are Glorylox 5 top tips of what to do when you first notice hair loss, rule number one, don’t panic.


1)    Visit the doctor


Occasionally hair loss could just be a phase and there’s really not much to panic about, however, it’s always good to visit your GP first to be on the safe side. It’s normal for doctors to carry out blood tests in this occasion, so don’t be alarmed.


2)    Understand your condition


Now, if you’ve found out you have alopecia or any other form of hair loss it’s important to understand your condition. Do your research. What form of alopecia do you have?


3)    Start moving towards solutions


Depending on your diagnosis, seek advice on treatment that could help you to regain what you once lost, there are many hair loss clinics out there, so research the one nearest to you, and get a consultation with a trichologist.


4)     Managing emotions


Stay focused on what’s about to take place. Losing your hair entirely has many effects on you mentally as much as physically, a woman usually associates her hair as her beauty, and so once your hair loss or alopecia  takes place its normal for you to lose your confidence, but know that your beauty is within and there are many hair loss solutions out there to help you through this. It is important that you have the right support system around you, nothing will replace your hair, but there are many things you can do that will keep you emotionally stable as this can e very difficult to deal with. Start searching for wigs, there are different types ranging from synthetic to human hair, Asian and European hair, £50- over £3000. It all depends on your own personal preference.


5)    Know that you are not alone


At first, you probably think you’re all alone, but trust us, this is not the case. Join forums like Alopecia UK and you’ll find out how many people are in the same boat as you. You can talk to people with the same condition and no doubt already feel better about yourself. There are many women role models who are dealing with hairloss/alopecia in a great way, for example, Emma Rose Dowbiggin, she blogs about her journey and has a very interactive Instagram page discussing her challenges with alopecia and how she has dealt with her condition , Lottie B, who's Instagram is lottieb_x she talks about dealing with alopecia from a young age.  But one thing to always remember, hair or no hair, you’ll always be beautiful. 






Current hair Trends!

So, it’s time for a change and you’re thinking about going down to the hairdressers but have no idea what to do?  Well, we’re here to help.


Here at Glorylox we’ve listed 3 hot hair trends for this summer, lets get to the point then shall we?


1)    Buzzcuts


Who knew this day would come? But its true. Blonde buzzcuts have become extremely admired particularly within celebrities, keeping it short but feminine with a light colour. May we also add, this is definitely one way of beating the summer heat

blog 22.png

2)    Eye-length fringe


Want a change but not so drastic? This is perfect for you. This is a great way to change up your look without really cutting anything off! We are all for this look! Cute but sophisticated. 



3)    Twisted updo’s


Many have seen this super easy super nippy hairstyle this year, not only is it quick to create, it also gives off a vintage, upmarket look. Lets get practicing then shall we?