Can you believe this is the same girl? This is Olivia when she was on our shoot it was great to see her transform into 2 different beautiful women within a few minutes. The European human hair lace wigs we made her, gave her the option to see what she would look like with short hair, and also how she'd look brunette.


In a world where fashion changes every 3 months, and your entire wardrobe requires a revamp, how does a girl keep her hair on trend? This is why we love our Glorylox lace wigs, you can a  be fiery blonde in the summer, and that a mysterious brunette ready for winter without worrying about having to dye or bleach  your own hair. So if your toying with what your next hair style will be, or anxious about getting that bleached highlight, don't be! why not try a wig, and transform your look all year round!