Although WIGS are the new must have items to have along side your favourite lipstick or handbag, it is important to also acknowledge some of the other reasons why someone would want/need a beautiful wig in their lives.  Living in this day and age, we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to raise awareness, research and help those who have gone through traumatic journeys, that may have resulted in hair loss, for example 'Alopecia'. 

Most recently we came across a heart warming interview with Keira Knightley, who revealed that through all of the years of different movie roles, attending red carpets and movie premiers, she has been suffering from hair loss, and as a result leading her to take comfort in wigs.

Alopecia is the correct word used to describe any type of hair loss, whilst alopecia  is neither a disease or a life threatening condition, it can be very distressing for that person, sometimes leading to depression, high levels of anxiety, which can then result in emotional suffering in their personal live, social and work place..... Its pretty hard to believe that someone could be going through this as I am writing this, but it is real and it is happening.... 

However it is not all sad, because as well as AUGUST being hair loss awareness month, we also have the whole month of SEPTEMBER dedicated purely to support, spread awareness and empower those who are going through or have experienced Alopecia at some point of their lives, and of course to educate those that perhaps did not know a lot about Alopecia. 

For Glorylox , helping those get back on track with every aspect of their live's is so important. To know that perhaps we could be the hope for that one person who may be struggling with Alopecia is something that we pride ourselves on, because we want to make every single individuals experience, to be a beautiful journey of discovery, a journey back to being confident, finding yourself and perhaps channeling your inner ego. 

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