Breast Cancer Awareness Month – What it is.


October has sprung on us already and if you weren’t sure, it’s the start of breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer awareness month is an annual campaign that aims to raise awareness for breast cancer. To show support, the worldwide symbol is a pink ribbon. On the breast cancer care website, you are able to buy many items with the pink ribbon on and 100% of the proceeds go to breast cancer care. Link:





According to breast cancer care, 5,000 people will be diagonosed with breast cancer in October alone. They also state that in reality, someone is diagnosed every 10 minutes. However, more and more people are surviving.


You can spread awareness yourself, by sharing stories of people you know or read personal stories. This will then help you and other people you’re around to understand more. Glorylox plans on sharing survivor stories of breast cancer throughout the month. If you know someone or you have breast cancer and want to share your story, then please do get

in touch. You can also show your support by wearing a pink ribbon.


There is support available via the breast cancer care website, for you or someone you know who has been diagnosed. You can call their free hotline number on 0808 800 6000 as well as emailing breast cancer care nurses through this link:

Another way which you can gain support is through the Breast cancer care app called BECCA. On BECCA you are able to gain information and support if someone you know, or you are diagnosed. The app gives you day-to-day information as well as hints and tips to help you. They use flashcards which gives you all kinds of inspiration and well-being/mindfulness to peer-led advice.


Here at Glorylox, throughout October will be raising as much awareness from information blogs to real-life stories of survivors and those who are effected by a loved one being diagnosed.


Together we will raise awareness!