For this week’s post, we’re going to discuss about the mental health condition Trichotillomania. What it is and what tips and tricks we have, that can potentially help you.


Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder that effects the hair. The most common place where people pull from is hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. No matter how hard you want to stop, you can’t. Sometimes, trichotillomania can go through stages where the pulling isn’t as excessive as other times, say if you were in a stressful situation, bored or just a particularly bad time.


However, there are ways in which you can try and help the pulling get under control. Although, we know it may not always be that easy. Here are our top tips and trichs (we love a good play on words!) to try and help you get by:


-        Coconut oil/Argon oil can be your friend. If you bathe your hair in oils, not only will it help replenish your hair and give your hair a conditioning treatment, it makes the hair slippery. This means that your fingers will more than likely slip, instead of giving you the grip you can get if your hair is dry.

-       Acrylic nails. OK, if you’re a guy, this may not be as practical, but acrylics help massively. The size/width of your natural nail compared to your acrylic nail is noticeable. With a natural nail, it is 10 times easier to pull your hair into a split end, compared to if your nail is thick. Also, what a great way to treat yourself every month.

-       Hair armour. Hair armour can be a scarf, a hat, a headband, anything you put around your head to shield you from Trichotillomania. There are numerous ways in which you can style a headscarf with/or without tying it directly around your head. Shielding your hair away from your fingers gives it a greater chance that your fingers can’t pull your hair.

-       Washing your hair. Like putting oils on your hair, if your hair is wet it’s harder to pull. We appreciate that if you’re in public and out, this may not be an option, but if you’re having a bad time whilst at home, this can relieve Trichotillomania for a little while.


We hope that these tips and tricks can help you or a friend/person you know who has Trichotillomania. The main thing to take away from having a condition of Trichotillomania is, although the person pulling their hair may be annoying you… they can’t just stop.


We will be covering more Trichotillomania subjects in the future.


Hope you all have a fab week x