Top three hair styles whilst wearing a wig

 Today on our blog we will be discussing the top hair styles whilst wearing a wig. When you’re wearing a wig, you may not know how to style it. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want it to look wiggy!  Sometimes it’s a struggle to achieve the messy bun look depending on the type of hair that your wig is made from. Some synthetic hair wigs are really good, allowing movement to flow quite freely, and so achieving different looks wont be so much of a struggle, whilst most are restrictive of heat appliances, leaving you limited with options on how to style it.

Glorylox have put together a few different hairstyles you can try, from our photoshoots before if you are currently lacking inspiration.

If you try any of these hair styles out, then please do let us know and tag us in your photos. We would love to see!



Beachy waves

 Why not take the must have summer hairstyle of beachy waves through to winter. This look is so classy and will take you from day to night. If you have a synthetic wig you may be able to achieve this with Hair rods also known as bendy rollers, but if you have human hair wigs you should be able to achieve this with a wond or hair curlers.


Half up half down bun

We are loving this fun, casual look, with a half up half down bun style. This would be the perfect hair style if you wanted to pull you hair up off your face for the gym or every day errands. Be careful with back combing synthetic hair as it may not come back to its original state, if anything, try to use a bun, these can be purchased in places like H and M or Superdrugs. If your wig is made from human hair, you should be able to treat it as you would have your on hair, this means you can back comb as well as use the bun. The main thing when putting your hair up, is making sure the edge lie flat and are not lifting, so try to keep some hair loose to cover the edges.

half up.jpg

Sleek and straight

There is nothing wrong with having straight and sleek hair. Perfect for an everyday casual look. You could add a little plat down one side for an extra sassy look. 


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We’re looking forward to seeing your looks,

Until next time, have a great week!