Summer is approaching and your hair loss is getting worse? Don’t be afraid, we’re here to help.

Don’t be alarmed, additional hair fall in summer is actually scientifically proven. Feeling better already? Great. It’s all about telogen. Telogen is also known as the ‘resting stage’ of the hair growth cycle. It’s recognized that women especially have a higher rate of telogen in warmer weather conditions, which means that the hair is particularly prone to falling out.

So to take care of your hair during summer we’ve got you covered with 3 top tips!

1) Make sure your hair is thoroughly moisturized, and by moisturized we mean oil. Oil is great for the scalp, it prevents hair fall and makes hair strands stronger than ever.

2) Stay hydrated, water is a remedy for anything and everything. By drinking at least 5-6 bottles of water a day can improve hair texture and growth.

3) Control your diet, you may not think this has anything to do with hair fall but this is everything. Consuming a healthy diet helps improve hair growth, so get on it ladies!

It’s all about consistency, once you have this, they’ll be nothing to worry about. 


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