First things first, always use a professional. Hair extensions are not a quick job that can be done at your local salon. They need care and you need quality.

From blinding headaches, to erratic hair loss and occasionally permanent damage, hair extensions are not everyone’s best friends, if they’re not done right. Thousands of young women are experiencing traumatic side effects due to their hair extensions gone wrong all in the hope of a new look.

Now we’re not saying all hair extensions should be forbidden, all we’re saying is to make sure it’s done professionally as this seems to be the problem.

The person who is doing the extensions and you both need to know how to apply and maintain them. You should go back to your stylist at least once a month so he/she can check if they’re on properly and not pulling the hair. They also have the experience to rotate the hair extensions so it’s not the same hair that is under constant stress.

If you spot hair fall this needs to be addressed straight away as this could potentially lead to permanent hair loss. And that’s not what we want happening.

So ladies, please always be cautious of who is responsible for your hair. Our advice to you, Do your research.