So it’s your first time buying a wig and you have no idea what one to choose from? Here’s our take on the  2 different types of wigs to help you choose!


Human Hair


Human hair wig are wigs made from real people which have been donated for hairloss purposes. These hairs can be from all over the world. Some of the most popular hair used for human hair wigs are European, Mongolian, Indian, Peruvian and Brazilian Hair.

The biggest advantage of buying a human hair wig is how natural it feels. We all want our wigs to look real, right? Right. Although human hair wigs are far more expensive they are usually the most durable.


Human hair can also be hugely versatile, they can be effortlessly cut and styled to your choice. However, because it is real hair it needs to be carefully maintained, requiring a lot more maintenance than other wigs. Some of the issues with Human hair is it being in stock, European hair for instance is very rare hence why it is expensive and so you may find production of this could take up to 6-8 weeks if its not in stock.


The advantages of human hair

-       Higher quality wig

-       Easy to change your style often

-       Can be dyed, highlighted and straightened.

-       Greater durability

-       More realistic appearance


The disadvantages of human hair


-       Reacts to the climate just like real hair

-       Hair can break if the wig is not properly maintained

-       Expensive

-       Can typically be heavier than other wigs


How much does a human hair wig cost?


Typically a human hair wigs costs around

£300 - £2,500 upwards

Where can I buy this from?

You can buy your own human hair wigs from your very own Glorylox. However there are many other wig companies, alopecia Uk will have a list of these.

Synthetic Hair


The production of synthetic hair has improved vastly, so nowadays you can’t always  tell the difference of a synthetic hair wig and a real one.


One of the most significant advantages of a synthetic hair wig is, it can be worn straight from the box with only minimal styling. The synthetic fibre includes a “memory” component for waves and curls, which enables the hair to bounce back in to place with minimum effort.


However, the durability isn’t as long with synthetic wigs, if properly cared for synthetic wigs last up to 4-6 months on average, if you have a few in kitty.


The advantages of synthetic hair


-       Less expensive

-       Lighter in weight

-       Colour availability is unlimited

-       Usually on trend


The disadvantages of synthetic hair


-       Must avoid extreme heat

-       Can appear shiny and unnatural (wiggy)

-       Can not be colour treated

-       Low durability


Typically a synthetic hair wig costs around

£30 - £500

Where can I buy this from?

You can buy your synthetic wig from

-       Paks

-       Pure wigs 


If you have anymore questions just contact us at and we will guide you through your wig purchasing experience.


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Glorylox team x