Now, the impact smoking has on hairloss is by far not as bad as the impact it has on general health, however it may contribute to some hairloss.


So how does smoking affect hairloss?


- It decreases circulation to the extremities

- It pollutes the blood, which influences the liver

Cigarette smoke contains millions of chemicals many of which can be toxic; this can affect all areas of the body including hair. The smoke damagingly affects your circulation in general, which means impaired blood flow to your hair follicles.


This disrupts the typical hair growth/loss cycle, which occurs on a daily basis and results in hair thinning and ultimate loss. 

It is also proven that smoking can majorly affect the immune system, this can open your body up to many different diseases and certain illnesses, meaning it could potentially cause damage to the hair or even cause hair loss.

So if that’s not enough to make you stop smoking, what will be?