In our third blogpost for alopecia awareness month, we will be discussing what traction alopecia is. Traction alopecia is usually due to excessive hair pulling or tension to the hair follicles, caused by certain hairstyles. The hair styles that can cause this, for example are braids, a tight ponytail and/or bun. Chemicals or heat being used for prolonged periods of time can be the cause of traction alopecia.

Unlike many other forms of alopecia, traction alopecia can be reversed and your hair can grow back if you stop pulling your hair back. However, if the hair is continued to be pulled, traction alopecia can stop new hair follicles developing and this can lead to permanent hair loss.

According to, the symptoms of traction alopecia are:

-       Redness on your scalp

-       Bumps

-       Soreness and/or a stinging sensation on your scalp

-       Itching and scaling

-       Folliculitis which is the inflammation of the hair follicles

-       Pus-filled blisters on your scalp.

However, the symptoms of traction alopecia are different from other forms of alopecia, by the hair that has been pulled is the hair that is affected.

Glorylox can provide you with different ways to help combat alopecia traction.

One way, is with a frontal hairline which is clipped on if you have suffered from hair loss around the hairline. The frontal hairline is made from European hair, which means it can be dyed to match your hair colour you already have. The frontal hairline can also be altered to match your previous hair line before.

Frontal hairline piece.

tarction 1.png


Another way that Glorylox can help is with a topper. A topper is similar to a crown piece, but only covers the top of your scalp. This can particularly help if your traction alopecia has been caused by a high, tight ponytail and/or bun.  A topper is clipped around the crown of your head and has the same look as a parting in the middle of your head. The topper is not as big as crown piece, but acts in a similar way.

Topper hair piece

tract 2.png

If you or anyone else you know is suffering from traction alopecia, then please get in touch and we will more than happy talk you through the tools to help you through your condition and walk you through your options. Remember, you’re not alone.

Hope you all have a great week xx