#AlopeciaAwarenessMonth Part One – Alopecia Areata.


If you’re not aware, September is alopecia awareness month and we at Glorylox HQ are working on educating you on the condition throughout the month. Alopecia is the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. Even though you may be familiar with the definition you may not be aware of the different types of alopecia that there are.


In our blog series of alopecia, we will be letting you know what different types of alopecia there is and what different products you should consider buying to help you with this.


The first type of alopecia we are going to discuss is alopecia areata (AA). Alopecia areata is, per alopecia online, an autoimmune condition which usually takes place as a small patch often the size of a coin on the scalp area, however in some cases it can cause complete hairloss to the scalp also. Psychological stress related situations can lead to alopecia areata.


To help with alopecia areata on your scalp, there are many ways to help regain hair in the places you have patchy hair loss. For example, Glorylox stocks a fringe cover hair piece if your hairloss is located in the front of your scalp. The fringe piece covers 6.5 inches across the front of your scalp and 3 inches wide into the scalp,  you can get a piece that can replace a full fringe. This hair piece clips around the hair that is around your fringe/top area to give you a natural look. The hair is also European hair so it can be dyed to match your own. Remember that the hair loss can be anywhere on the scalp, and so this particular solution may not be what you need, but stay tuned for next weeks blog, and we will share some other options that might be perfect for you!


If you or anyone you know is suffering from Alopecia areata and are looking for support on what tools to help you with the conditions please get in touch here at Glorylox, and we will personally walk you through your options.


Have a great week xxx