Winter can be tough on your hair. The coldness, especially if it’s been snowing or when it’s windy can take its toll on the condition of your hair. There are, however, different tips you can try to help combat bad condition with your hair through the colder months. Not all these tips can work on all kinds of hair styles but, we have put together a list of things you can try to keep your hair in the best condition.

-       PROTECT YOUR HAIR. This tip probably goes without saying, but it’s surprising how many people do not do this. Whether it’s raining or snowing, always use an umbrella or a hat to shield your hair. If it’s windy, do the same. If your hair is long enough, maybe even tie it into a ponytail. This will help keep your hair from flying around. The more protection from the weather, the more your hair will love you.

 -       TREAT YOUR HAIR. It is advised during the colder months to apply a deep conditioning mask to your hair once a week, especially if you are out and about a lot in the winter. This will help bring back the strength in your hair and replenish it, something that the winter weather doesn’t help your hair do.

-       REGULAR HAIR TRIMS. Going to the salon and getting your hair trimmed regular will keep the dead ends and breakages away. As the saying goes, the more your hair is trimmed, the stronger your hair gets and faster it grows.

We hope you enjoyed those top three tips on how to keep your hair to minimal damage in the colder weather. Be sure to check back to the blog when the summer is coming to find out ways to keep your hair in check, when the weather gets warmer.

Until next time,

Have a great week xx




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